Beyond Luck

Things happen; good and bad; over the top and understated; unexpected and highly anticipated. It’s the way the world keeps spinning – things keep happening. I’m not as interested in the things that happen as I am in why things happen. It’s constantly on my mind to the point where I take different routes home just to see how my day will unfold or to the degree that I’ll set my alarm to wake me up at a different time each morning so I can compare the day’s outcome to the previous one. There’s no telling if a different route or an alternate alarm clock buzzing time has any impact on the hours ahead of me, but I can’t stop entertaining the possibility that maybe opening my eyes at a different moment or taking more footsteps every day, somehow, in even the smallest way, influences events, encounters and conversations, which keep the world - even if it’s just my own little world – spinning around.

That is my logic; it’s built on the hairline chance that the smallest difference, the tiniest variation in my everyday activities can lead to something new, something good, something great, something that will renew my belief in the very habits I’m perpetuating – never waking up at the same time twice and always looking for new ways home. It’s my way of continually seeking out reasons for why things happen and wondering why other things don’t.

Love. Part 150

Heart NYC Repeat


" Artist Nick Cave at an NYPL talk and book-signing, 9/10/2014
" Tarek Pertew, Co-founder of Wakefield Media

Window Frame Made from Trees Looking Out to Trees Not Yet Made Into Anything

Red Rib of Lettuce

Tiny Fruit

A Christmas Tree in August

A picture of something that is used to take pictures of things.

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