Blue Sky On Top, Beige Beach Beneath

" Elaine Stritch

Peering Into the Woods

I went for a walk on my favorite road in New York State yesterday. It was glorious; the sky was grey and over the state line I could hear thunder roling through Connecticut. At home, my skittish hound dog was undoubtedly hiding in the basement, but out here, on a dirt path traversed by more horses than people, I was opening my arms wide and breathing in the heavy, expectant air. Beyond the low rock walls, I looked into the woods and saw nothing but brilliant green ferns spread out like a carpet along the ground, surrounding tree trunks and hiding their roots. It was one of the most peaceful, quietly joyous afternoons I’ve had in a long time. And it was my birthday, so that made it a little extra special, too.

Squished Cherries

Umbrella Farm

Silhouette of a Toy Truck in the Middle of the Night

Bathroom by the Afternoon Light

I have no idea what kind of light fills my apartment during the day (because I’m a working lady!), but sometimes on the weekends, when I’m home and it’s quiet and I’m observing my own surroundings, my eyes catch this really beautiful, bright light bouncing off the tiled walls of my small bathroom. I have no idea where the light originates because my bathroom is situated in the back of the building, and it looks out to an ugly concrete wall through a miniature window. The light is something of an enigma, but I like it. A lot. That’s right; I like the weekend light in my bathroom a lot.

Love, Part 148

Pizza for the People

People really do love pizza and I’m no exception.

A Heart in Home

Black Face, White Lines

Ripped Denim and Sunshine

The Missing Piece

" Beth Ditto, WSJ Magazine

Happy Faces, Sad Balloons