" Artist Nick Cave at an NYPL talk and book-signing, 9/10/2014
" Tarek Pertew, Co-founder of Wakefield Media

Window Frame Made from Trees Looking Out to Trees Not Yet Made Into Anything

Red Rib of Lettuce

Tiny Fruit

A Christmas Tree in August

A picture of something that is used to take pictures of things.

Love, Part 149

The Creation of Adam in New York City

Circles On Two Rectangles

" Paulo Coelho in an Interview with Krista Tippett

One Eye, One Nose, One Earring

I’ve traded sidewalks for sand dunes for the week, leaving New York City behind, headed to the shores of Cape Cod.

I’ve received some good advice this summer, but on the spectrum of helpfulness, two particular pieces of wisdom have come from the polar opposite ends.

In June, one of my oldest and closest friends, who is, coincidentally, the furthest away geographically, urged me to “just let a good thing be.” I loved it, vowed to remember what she said every day and, for the most part, I’ve been successful in that pursuit.

Then in August, another friend of mine and who lives just a few blocks away from me, doled out some real truth when she stared directly at me and said quite bluntly, “Suzanne, bitches be crazy.” Again, I loved it and I saw the truth in her curt statement. Both friends - unique in their perspectives and dear to my heart - certainly gave me a lot to think about at different points this summer. For now, I’m just trying to keep an open mind and surround myself with good people near and far.